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360 Video

With new advances in technology developing daily, we recommend embracing new opportunities and possibilities such as 360 Degree Videos!
Emerge your audience and target market in a new world that will embrace their longing for your product. provides the platform for advertising and the tools to expand your brand by creating a unique 360 degree video tailored to your needs.
360 Degree videos is earmarked as the future of filming and media.
Please feel free to visit our FACEBOOK page for a glimpse of what we can provide in our demo video.
Contact us for further information on available options and rates.

Links to 360 degree video’s:

More about 360 footage:

When viewing the 360 degree video’s on your PC, you will be able to move around in the video using your mouse, even after pausing the video. For best results, please
use the google chrome browser.
When viewing them on your phone, you will be able to move through the video by merely moving your phone around in the direction intended, or by using your finger on a touch screen phone or tablet. For best results, please use the youtube app or the google chrome browser. There is also a sub-section on youtube for 360 degree video’s.
This is the next step for digital marketing and showcasing. We can also incorporate additional programming like motion detection to the 360 degree video’s for presentation purposes.

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