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About Us

June 2013 our thoughts developed around quality and creative equipment covers next to the campfire on a hunting trip. We realized that there is a market for unique idea’s and products for the hunting, outdoor and security industries. We started working on the ideas as part of a clothing manufacturing company. In October 2014 the BosNinja range required our full-time attention. We partnered with creative and skilful designers, analytical problem solvers and a strong and adaptive online developer that had a vision to create a hunting and outdoor brand which would stand for high quality across a range of products.

We have combined our experience, expertise and common passion for hunting and outdoor life to start this brand for everyone and anyone that loves to feel the crisp fresh air of our natural heritage, that places each footstep carefully while stalking, that longs for the first sight of light in the bush and the last breath of day and that wants to protect their equipment that makes these experiences priceless.


Why Bosninja? Well, the idea developed from an initial concept for T-shirts called “Pink Ninja Pappie”. Everyone wants to be a ninja at some stage of their life, and the masterful skills of deception, surprise, stealth, silence and calm concentration is what we strive for when we find ourselves somewhere between the beginning and end of a well worked walk and stalk.

We kept the Pink Ninja brand for the products made for female clients, and changed the company name to BosNinja.

Who wouldn’t want to be a Ninja in the bush!?

We decided on the zebra as our brand ambassador for its unique and beautiful patterns, as that is exactly what we strive to achieve. We design, manufacture and supply unique products that highlights the individual, and not just the brand!

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